How to Create NFT Art Without Coding?

Despite being introduced to the world in 2012, the popularity of NFT art really flared up in the last couple of years. News on NFT artists getting paid enormous sums for their artworks has now become more of a daily affair and does not really surprise many

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How to Create NFT Art Without Coding?


Despite being introduced to the world in 2012, the popularity of NFT art really flared up in

the last couple of years. News on NFT artists getting paid enormous sums for their artworks

has now become more of a daily affair and does not really surprise many. But do you know

what exactly NFTs stand for? If the answer is no, let’s look at what NFT art implies.


What is NFT Art?


The acronym NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is nothing but a data unit that is unique

and cannot be interchanged. They are part of the blockchain setup and can be stored in any

blockchain. As mentioned earlier, these tokens are unique and one-of-a-kind, and thus,

there cannot be two same tokens anywhere. A single token will always stand for a particular

digital file, and we can reproduce the digital file it stands for on receiving or having a hold on

a token. This uniqueness and safety make NFT extremely valuable in trading, especially

online crypto trading.


The creation of such NFTs is termed NFT art. Numerous coding experts and artists have been

indulging in this process of generating NFT art. Many content creators have been availing

their services to convert their content into digital files with unique NFTs. As the trend and

demand for online gaming and art are on an upward graph, the demand for NFTs has also

spurged, inspiring more and more people to pursue it as a career.


NFTs, offer the possibility to change anything and everything into a digital file. If the content

file is compatible with being converted into a digital file, there is no limit to the process of

creating NFT. Some of the most popular stuff being turned to NFTs are:

  • Drawings
  •  Music
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Writings
  •  Tweets
  • Memes


Yes, even memes and tweets could be turned into NFTs, and no wonder celebrities

worldwide depend on NFT artists to preserve and sell their portfolio of work via blockchain.

And the number of NFT enthusiasts who treat NFTs as a collectible asset is also rising. Like

any other collectibles like antiques or paintings, they can also be purchased online and kept.

Recently, an NFT purchase worth $6.6 Million for a work by Beeple.


How Can I Create an NFT Art and Sell It?


Creating an NFT art demands skill, creativity, and a solid understanding of how the online

marketplace works. It is not an easy platform to excel, and a step-by-step approach is ideal if

you want to create unique NFT art that can bring great fortunes your way. The step-by-step

guide below will shed light on the various steps to be followed to make the best out of the

NFT world.


1. Finalising a concept

Though it sounds simple and silly, choosing a concept for your NFT is extremely

important in sales. You will have to research the most sales-worthy content online

and pick the area where you think you can excel. There are countless options to

choose from, like

  •  Cartoons
  •  Vector art
  •  Freestyle art
  •  Pixel art
  •  3D art

While deciding on the concept, consider the possible marketplaces that such art may

fetch you because online marketplaces are dedicated exclusively to some art forms.

If you choose to work on a cartoon, you must check whether enough profitable

cartoon marketplaces are available online.


2. Finding the suitable blockchain

Unlike in earlier years, the number of blockchains available for transactions has

skyrocketed, bringing an NFT creator to the crucial point of deciding which

blockchain to work with. Blockchains are used for cryptocurrencies and widely for

their circulations. Hence, the creator needs to choose a blockchain platform that

allows them to circulate and transact with the maximum number of people and


Also, consider the security offered, the transaction’s speed, the trades cost,

and the blockchain technology functionality.

Some of the most popular blockchain platforms are:

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Polkadot


  • Tezos
  • Cardano
  • Polygon
  • Solana

3. Creating the art

Now, it’s time to create the art. A solid understanding of web and blockchain

development is necessary to develop NFT. Coding skills are a must, and the creator

also needs specific prerequisites like a deeper understanding of concepts like smart

contracts, dApps, Web3, decentralized networks, etc. If you are an aspiring NFT

creator, you should at least have a basic understanding of CSS and HTML.

4. Finding the marketplace

Once the creative phase is done, the creator should find the right marketplace to

mint the product. As mentioned earlier regarding blockchain technology, proper

research hours should be put into finding the ideal marketplace, as it could make or

break your creation. Some factors that must be closely monitored while deciding on

a marketplace are the verification process, compatibility with multiple wallets,

pricing details, incentives, etc.

Considering all such aspects, some of the best marketplaces as of now are:

  1. OpenSea
  2. Mintable
  3.  Rarible
  4.  Foundation

5. Marketing the NFT

As the number of NFT artists has skyrocketed, the competition is quite fierce in the

field. So, the creator would have to resort to multiple promotional and marketing

measures to fetch the attention of potential buyers. Some of the commonly used

promotional methods are:

  1. Using social media platforms.
  2.  Creating a dedicated website for your NFT works and spreading the word
  3. through social media.
  4.  Using Discord, Blog, etc.
  5. Holding exhibitions and auctions.
  6.  Collaborating with established and reputed creators

6. List for sale

Once the promotional activities and has generated enough popular attention, the

creator is expected to list the product for sale. The creator can decide the price

based on the market value created and could even conduct auctions for the

customers to bid on.


How can I create an NFT art without coding skills?


Thanks to the incomparable popularity earned by NFTs, now it is easier to create NFTs even

with a lack of coding skills. Tools like no-code NFT generators enable people with no coding

skills to develop NFTs. Such tools efficiently use AI and sophisticated software to present the

creator with multiple NFT options. It is observed that some of those tools are capable of

even providing up to 10,000 possibilities for a single file for the creator to choose from. The

creator can pick any one of the options and could even work on it more to make it more

suitable for your vision. This kind of NFT generation would only take seconds and is a boon

to those with no coding skills yet great creativity.*

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